an award-winning, 10-year INITIATIVE designed to reduce heart attacks

The project, which began in 2009, is designed to reduce the number of heart attacks that occur in the New Ulm area over a 10-year period. To achieve this goal, multi-sector, multi-pronged approaches were deployed across the community to reduce health risks through physical activity, healthful eating, smoking cessation and maintaining a healthy weight. The project involves community education, medical interventions and environmental changes. Preliminary results are strong and the community is improving its health!

A five-year outcomes study published in the American Heart Journal reveals that 86 percent of residents now have blood pressure within the recommended range, while 72 percent have LDL cholesterol within the recommended range — improvements that are greater than trends seen in the rest of the nation. In addition to significant improvements in biometric measurements, community members have made a host of healthful lifestyle changes, from eating more fruits and vegetables to becoming more physically active.

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The Heart of New Ulm Project: Nine-Year Impact Report

Health care is moving beyond hospital and clinic walls and out into communities. In New Ulm, Minn.,an initiative from the Minneapolis Heart Institute® (MHIF) has been paving the way. Since 2009, Hearts Beat Back: The Heart of New Ulm Project (HONU) has been helping people in New Ulm, Minn., improve their risk factors for heart disease and reduce the number of heart attacks. As a collaborative partnership of MHIF, Allina Health and the New Ulm community, the 10-year population health research project has offered a unique environment for studying how various interventions, systems and environmental improvements, along with policy changes, can impact the health of an entire community.

Hearts Beat Back: The Heart of New Ulm Project, has offered a unique environment for studying how various population-based interventions can impact the health of an entire community. Results big and small have converged to transform the community and create a supportive, health-conscious environment for New Ulm residents.

Community mindset key to success

Audra Shaneman, CEO, Chamber of Commerce, New Ulm, MN


Collective effort creates impact

Karen Moritz, Public Health Director, Brown Country, MN