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Ensuring the places people live, learn, receive health care, work and play all support and promote health is a critical piece to population health transformation. Through our partnerships, we work collaboratively to build individual and community capacity to shift values and cultures to support healthful choices. Partner with us to help improve population health in your community — and sustain it. 


Conduct cutting-edge population health research such as The Heart of New Ulm Project. Contact us to discuss research in your community.


Improve the health of communities through innovative, evidence-based programs and strategies designed to improve the built environment and health communications in your community. Contact us to discuss services and resources.

Reach, connect and engage with other communities and population health professionals through our e-newsletters, social media outreach, educational events and online support.


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Transforming rural health care requires a bold vision. When multi-sector partnerships align around a common goal of health improvement, we’re confident we can achieve that vision. Through leadership, innovation, outcomes monitoring and data analytics, we look forward to working together to improve overall population health and invite you to join us. Simply complete the form below so we can start a conversation.

Rural Health Leadership

Our Rural Health Leadership Institute empowers health care leaders with skills, information and networking to advance programs, policies and partnerships in their own communities to achieve access, value and health improvements. Please visit our News, Events and Resources page for current information and complete the form below to be added to our mailing list for updates or receive more information.





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Transforming population health requires not only a bold vision but also financial support to research new ideas and to ensure best practices are shared widely. Consider contributing to the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation to complete the Heart of New Ulm Project and share critical findings that improve the health of other communities around the country.