Transforming rural health to realize the full health potential of rural communities requires a multi-layered strategy. Leadership and innovation in access, value, health improvements, outcomes monitoring and data analytics are all critical ingredients for success. One of the critical ingredients needed to transform rural health is establishing community-wide initiatives for improving the health of the whole population. Such initiatives must align the culture of health care and the culture of the community. When multiple community partners align around core values and strategy, they can work together to improve access, provide more efficient care and achieve better outcomes. 


The Value to a Rural Health Care System of Hearts Beat Back: The Heart of New Ulm Project

Our Q&A with Toby Freier, president of New Ulm Medical Center, shares his insights about the project's impact over the last 10 years and its value to other rural health care systems.


Our goal is to continue to lead and innovate health care access, value and health improvement. By integrating local health care across the continuum, leveraging the resources and expertise of our regional health care system and engaging the community to take action through partnership, we can make health a shared goal by all.

Early signs that the triple aim is achievable

Toby Freier, President, New Ulm Medical Center

Local lessons scale to larger communities

Penny Wheeler, MD, President, CEO, Allina Health

Making health the easy choice

David Nash, MD, MBA, Dean, College of Population Health, Thomas Jefferson University